Mushroom Links A daily repoort of the soil temperature in Illinois. Michael Kuo's morel pages - great info on "false" morels Message Boards for Morel Lovers Tom Volk's morel page Editor Britt Bunyard is one of the professors at Morel University Rocky's Roost, hosted by Rocky Clark Bill & Marsi Darwin's Michigan Morel Madness The Great Morel Homepage The Farm page describing the patented process to grow morels indoors as seen on Scientific American Frontiers.

Mushroom Poisoning

If you have a poisoning emergency, call 1-800-222-1222 Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry

Mushroom Clubs The North American Mycological Association. (Includes listings of affiliated State clubs) Chris Matherly's web club for morel mushroom hunters Pennsylvania mushrooms

Mushroom Festivals A page dedicated to Mushroom Festivals The Illinois State Morel Mushroom Hunting Championship The National Mushroom Hunting Championship

General Mushroom Links Eileen's Mushroom Mania Page David W. Fischer's Mushroom Page Warts Information Center Magic Mushroom Garden Statuaries Mushroom Appreciation

Other Links (links of friends and family pages we think are worth visiting) Pete LaSalle is our mushroom artist. He also creates house portraits from photographs Remember Fizzies, cinamon toothpicks, sip-it-stix, nik-l-nips, wax lips, rock candy? A visit here is guaranteed to bring back memories. And best of all, their still available!