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Shroom Sack

Mesh Bag for Mushroom Hunting

Will last for years!

Folds into its own self-storing pouch

We worked to bring it to the market for five years. It's soft and lightweight, yet sturdy (even multiflora rose won't tear it), with beltloops, comfortable handles and a self-storing pouch. It gently holds and aerates your harvest while maximizing the excape of spore. The black nylon mesh is 19.5" wide by 17" deep. The bottom is gussetted to expand with your increasing bounty. It all folds into the 6.5" by 8" pouch.

Shroom Sack (SB561) $12.00 each

2 for $22.00

3 for $30.00

(Price includes shoulder strap shown below)

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Updated 08/06