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2016 Sightings
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First morel of 2016 is being reported by Jason S. in Georgia!




It has been long time-no find, but a 10 minute walk just after sunset on May 5th, gave us our only real find of the season.  Big yellows, 2 fresh, 2 a day too old.  Going back to spend more time in the morning and hope for the best.  Would sure like to have one good meal. Undergrowth is TALL!  10 miles West of Peoria.  ~Ben H.

First I've found of the season after looking for the last two weeks. These were found in Warren County today.   Not a lot of them, but their size sure makes up for it. ~Tim

Found these this morning in Rockford, IL. ~Norma

Very Rainy today, but had to brave the elements.  The leaves are coming out faster than the mushrooms, so had to grab them when I could. Next weekend will be hard to find them. ~BlindDog

Hi Tom! This is Adriena C. in Kendall County, IL. Got my Morel stick from you about 3 yrs. ago. This is our pick from our property today, and our supper. I just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful and helpful Shroom Stick. It's great. Happy hunting!! ~Adreina

Found 3 small greys Saturday and these guys Sunday 4/24/2016 in Northwest Chicago suburbs.

Nothing in our regular spots, but found 7 little grays (1-1 1/2") this afternoon on a North facing hillside about 30' downhill from a dead elm. Left them to grow, and will check back tomorrow.  Our farm is about 10 miles straight West of Peoria. ~Ben H

It was a banner day in Knox County.  On a property we've picked for 15 years or more, one west facing hillside yielded the most yellows we've ever seen before.  We filled three grocery sized plastic bags, and about half of my Morel Mania bag (that's because my MM bag handles more volume) from a space about 30 x 20 yards.  There were so many we could hardly take a step ... and the grassy area above the hillside was loaded too.  And nearly all of them were overnight fresh ... we could have sworn some were popping up behind us as we walked by. Our other usual favorite spots yielded little.  I've been using my MM bag for over 10 years ... and picking a property that's covered with wild rose, brambles and other "sticker" stuff.  It looks brand new. Some of our pick ... ~Norm

Found 125 big yellows in Dewitt co Illinois on 4/23. ~Mike

Well tom there popping good in Moultrie county Illinois. Me and my dad had to go out while the little ones were in school. Not a bad trip for the older Garrett clan lol. ~Cody

We have small grays in Northern Illinois :) ~Mary

Found 20 lbs in Dewitt co Illinois on 4/21 gaint yellows and greys. ~Mike

Found 9 small yellows the 21th near Chillicothe. ~Jimmie

Hi! I found 12 small grey morels today, in Fulton County Illinois, by Avon-London Mills area, they were 1-2" tall. Hopefully many, many more to come!! ~Lisa

Stopped at a new place to browse in Moultrie county Illinois and it was worth it. Little Garrett boys are on em again. ~Cody

Found 65 grey morel mushrooms on 4/13 in Dewitt co Ill ~Mike

Found south of Canton in Fulton County. ~Renee N.

I found a patch of small greys. I left them to grow. ~Sandi H

Hello Tom! Happy 2016 morel season to you! I thought this was going to be another really early year, but the cold snap seems to have put things back on a more normal course. I found my first morels of the season yesterday, April 12, in Peoria County — in two spots! One was the usual first-of-the-season standby (southern facing field edge), but the others were more of a surprise (deep in the woods, but at the base of an elm that appears to have died over the last year). The surprise spot gives me a lot of hope that the coming season will be one of plenty! ~Matt


Found 6 Morels and 1 dog pecker in LaGrange County, Indiana ~Donna

Found three morels so far in Howard county, Indiana ~Jesse

Terre Haute, Indiana ~ Tammy


3 very nice and fresh, in old tried and true spot. Henry County Iowa. Hunted rest of day with not one more. Soil is not very warm yet. Moisture was very favorable. Going to Europe till the 9th of May. Do you think there will be some to pick when I return? )-: Maybe my daughter will have a spot there? ~John


Today, Southeast Kansas, 04-18-2016, its been a slow season but they are still visiting.  Attached picture by GroundCam ~Kent


Went out today from about 11-1 walking thru the woods nearby and found two large white morels and at least 5-6 of the smaller (approx 3" tall) in mostly underbrush (shade of young trees) in mostly low lying areas of the woods. Where you find one you'll usually find more! All were mainly found in two small areas. ~Ashley H





Found these in St. Joe Co. MI. using my new sporespreader bag. I love it. ~Sherrie

First big whites in Calhoun County, Michigan

I’ve found 8 small black morels in the past two days, beginning with the first two on April 26.  The location is near the city of Three Rivers in SW Michigan, St. Joseph County. Let’s enjoy a good morel year! ~Vic


Found about 25 greys all pretty small. ~Michael


Found 16 little grays on 4/10 just south of Smithville, MO. Normal spot nothing popping yet.

3/27: SPOT A:Two 1” morels found on a southern slope.
4/2: SPOT B: Two 1” black morels found on northern slope / SPOT A again: 1” white and one huge white found on a southern facing slope.
4/5: SPOT C: 2 decent whites
Rain yesterday, but getting cold….C’mon weather! Get “morel-ish”! ~Joel

Mark p from kcmo found first 52  little grays of season on 3/22 a week earlier than I have ever found before biggest the size off a nickle went back out 3/29 found 16 more biggest the size of an extra large egg.. but only in one spot most spots not producing yet. Won't be long. ~Mark





New Hampshire


New Jersey

New York


North Carolina



About 35 nice ones in Champaign County Ohio ~M.P.

Season has begun in Champaign County, Ohio. ~M.P.


Found about 25 good ones today in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.~Brian

These are the first my husband has found here in Oklahoma!!  His name is Casey T. ~Amanda T.




We found these morels today on our hunt in North East PA. ~Robert

Evening morel fanatics! I've received the "shroom stick" from Morel Mania a few days ago, and just in time I'd say! Went out on a whim Tuesday afternoon, days without precipitation, and found 2, old and black but salvageable. Maybe I'll consider the stick good luck, I'll see tomorrow, showers periodically today, and rain in the forecast tomorrow! South Central Pennsylvania should finally be prime!
Thank you for the fine, quite functional, piece of art in which I'm very pleased of owning. If I find any more than 2 this season, I'll be sure to log it in the report! Thanks again, ~Jason

Tis the season! Shane, Rein n I found 13 blacks on 3/26/16. ~Bruce

South Carolina


South Dakota









Morels in Northern Vermont.~Vivien


Fredericksburg Va. ~Debbie


Hello - I saw your web site when I was looking for information on Morel mushrooms. I live in a rural area and we are having a "mushroom rush" . . . pretty similar to a gold rush. We currently have from 300 to 500 morel pickers camping wherever they can and picking mushrooms dawn to dark. We also have mushroom buyers who come with their refrigerated trucks and/or trailers to buy the mushrooms. This influx of people has been, well, interesting? Astonishing? Unprecedented? Difficult? Yes, to all of the preceding. We've been told that the wildfire that burned so much of our timberland last summer is what has caused the astronomical increase in the morels. And that it will be the same for at least one more year. So that is why I am writing to you - is this true? Will there be a huge amount of morels in the burn areas again next year? We are a very small community and were totally unprepared for a 'shroom rush. If it is going to happen again next year, we would like to be ready for it in the hopes that the problems we've seen this year aren't repeated.  Regards, Carla C. Stevens County, Washington.

Response from Tom:
Hi Carla, It could happen again in that there will be morels. However, they should be in lesser quantities. And, the harvesters will more than likely travel to a more recently burned area (from a fire that happens this spring or summer). If you've survived this year, next year shouldn't be as tough. Good luck and keep me informed.

West Virginia



No more need be said.  Wait a couple weeks.  Sandy soil, sunny location, Iowa County (above ground, too).  Notice the moss-covered ground!  11:00 am, April 19. ~Jerry

My buddy & I found three little greys in SW Wisconsin yesterday the 13th of April. Good Luck All. ~Jim

British Columbia, Canada


Ontario, Canada

Hi Tom, cool weather here around Toronto but a few Black morels start showing up. Wish a good season to everyone. ~UP



Unknown Location

Morel find la cross. ~Pam

I just spotted these amazing creatures. Can you confirm that they are morels? Thanks. ~Mike

Response from Morelmania: Definitely morels. I'm 100% sure. ~Tom